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David Lam, an economist, a TCM fanatic, and once a long term sufferer of hay fever. Now, he found the solution of his conditions and would like to share with others who also has allergic rhinitis.

“After twenty something years of suffering from seasonal allergic rhinitis, or commonly known as hay fever, I have given up for a long time.

My remedies started from OTC medication such as Benadryl, Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, then upgrade the doze to steroid spray like Flonase, Nasacort, and finally I started to take steroid shots.

The result was four of twelve months of my life was not functional with those allergy symptoms. I even accepted the idea that four months of dysfunctional life is the condition that I have to live thru.

I was even suggested to have laser procedure done on my nose to have the pores in my nostrils sealed to block the allergic agents.

With the inspiration from my teacher’s recovery from pulmonary fibrosis with TCM treatment, I started my own search of solution in TCM.

Finally, I found a complete opposite methodology of treating allergy. That is a three steps strategy to manage the allergic condition. First to stop inflammation, then to  pull the “dirt” out from our system, last to rejuvenate  “qi” pathway in my body.

I found the theory much very intriguing and finally found a couple of external use herbal supplements to that are able to stop the allergy symptoms within 7 days for the allergy season. If the person follow up with the suggested exercises, and supplement, he/she will have a good chance not to worry about hay fever anymore.

These are the products that I would like to introduce to you. I am not only a seller of the product, I was a user too.

I could sell the package for a much higher price, but I prefer put the price at a affordable level, or even on the low side, to reach for the mass .

In addition, I also offer a 30 days satisfaction guarantee (will deduct 5 dollars for S/H and Paypal transaction fees) to encourage audiences to take a try.

You will be glad that you do.”


Be a catalyst in promoting TCM methodology and help people enjoy better and healthier life style.


Starting with the Nasal Cleansing Formula to offer a holistic solution for those people with allergic rhinitis.