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At this time, we only sell our two products, Nasal Oil or Nasal Spray, as a package. We mandate that for a reason: to help the users get thru the seasonal allergy quickly, and incorporate the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) methodology into daily life style.

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1 x Nasal Spray

100% naturally ingredients - Contains a unique blend of ingredients including Saposhnikovia Divaricata, A dahurica,Houttuynia Cordata, Asarum Sieboldii Miq.,Isatis Tinctoria, and Menthae Herba, all are meant to cleanse the external pathway to support normal breathing, and cleanse out the mucus for you to be able to apply the nasal oil on the nostril membrane. - Made in Hong Kong - It should be kept in a dry cool place or refrigerator - Size: 20ml ( about 2/3 fluid Ounce) - Direction: put into the ach nostril and squeeze the top handle 2-3 times


Product 0002s

1 x Nasal Oil

It is the key to start of cleansing cycle. It supports the cleansing of the "qi" pathway of our body. - 100% naturally ingredients - For external use ONLY - Contains a unique blend of ingredients including Saposhnikovia Divaricata, A dahurica,Houttuynia Cordata, Asarum Sieboldii Miq.,Isatis Tinctoria, and Sesame Oil, all are natural herbs meant to cleanse the "qi" pathway that is clocked up because of body imbalance related to allergy, cold, and flu. - Must not used for children or anyone who may ingest the oil - Made in Hong Kong - It must be kept in dry cool place, the expiry date is just 2 months from the manufacturing date without refrigeration - Size: 10ml ( about 1/3 fluid Ounce) about one month supply



We believe our 3-steps program for our clients to embrace the TCM methodology and regain their vitality of life that we all rightfully deserve:

  1. Stop the symptoms with our Nasal Cleansing products: Nasal Spray and Nasal Oil ( A 7-days Program )
  2. Reactivate the 3 circulation systems with our simple methods ( Please watch our video to learn those simple things that you could implement easily. You are encourage to do it to reduce your dependency on external help to counter act allergy symtoms )
  3. Incorporate TCM to enjoy life to a much higher level of vitality

Both products are for external use ONLY

Within a week, you will sneeze out see the most disgusting voluminous mucus that you have never seen in your life, and that is the beginning of your new life.

The products are 30 days 100% satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not satisfied for any reasons, we will give you back your money. Simple like that.



  • Cleanse the nostrils with our nasal spray products
  • Wait for 5-20 minutes for your nose to clear, sneeze out any mucus.
  • Apply nasal oil into each nostril about 2-3 cm, 1 – 1 1/2 inches deep.
  • Do this 3 times a day until cleansing out the mucus
  • Remember to split out the mucus frequently during the use of Our Cleansing System, and you will sneeze out the most voluminous mucus ever.
  • By then, you will feel relieved and please practice TCM life style that we will share with you in continuously.

Saposhnikovia Divaricata Saposhnikovia Divaricata root (Fang Feng), namely Radix Saposhnikoviae, is a common Chinese herb that is is known for treating headache, body ache, and pain in rheumatoid arthritis. It got its name Fang Feng ( means protected from wind in Chinese) because of its excellent medicinal uses for expelling and preventing wind pathogen.
A. dahurica Angelica dahurica (Bai Zhi) is an herb, said by Dr.Zhang cong Zhen (A.D.1156-1228),that could purge the body of any negative influences such as heat, clamminess, dryness, and cold on the skin.
Houttuynia Cordata Houttuynia cordata (Yu xingcao) is also used in folk medicine for diuresis and detoxification and herbal medicine for its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-leukemic activities. It was used by Chinese scientists to tackle SARS, as it is conventionally used to treat pneumonia.
Asarum Sieboldii Miq. Asarum Sieboldii Miq. (Xixin) has been used to treat pain and inflammation in China for many year. . Scientific research shows that the methanol extract of ASM exerts anti-nociceptive(Sooth Pain) and anti-inflammatory effects.
Isatis Tinctoria Isatis Tinctoria (Ban langen) It is commonly called dyer’s woad, and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat pain and inflammation for centuries. In recent studies, the plant is being studied for use in the treatment of cancer.
Sesame Oil Sesame seed oil has been used as a healing oil for thousands of years in China. Its cooling effects has been utilized to treat inflammation, promote respiratory health, and prevents Asthma.
Menthae Herba Menthae Herba has been used for thousands of years in China because of its excellent medicinal uses for disperse wind-heat, clear the head, improve eyesight, relieve sore throat, promote eruption, expel wind, and relieve itching.

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